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Owen Benwell
Senior UX/UI Designer at Flynt Financial

Rachael is a motivated UX designer who is committed to delivering UX scientifically She is dedicated to research and user testing and is very disciplined in her approach. These are commendable attributes in a UX designer and I can highly recommend her work and work ethic.

January 23, 2017, Owen works at a Financial start-up called FLYNT in Zurich

Margaret Sliman
Senior Manager, Products & Services at Westpac Group

I employed Rachael to rework our existing B2B tool's UX and expand on it. The services offered are complex and there were many legacy parameters to contend with. Rachael came up with a much improved flow, she is not afraid of questioning the status quo to get the best outcome for the user and therefore the best outcome for the client. Rachael forced us to think outside of...more

November 11, 2014, Margaret managed Rachael at Inivio

Matthew Drake
Account Director at Interpro People

Rachael is a very professional and capable UX Designer with a strong business and entrepreneurial mindset. When she worked onsite for my client she performed what she was asked to do to a very high standard and left the project in a much strong condition than when she first joined. I can strongly recommend Rachael for any position that requires UI/IA wireframing etc

July 18, 2013, Matthew was a consultant or contractor to Rachael at Cellarmasters, S.L.

Daniella Banco
Director Spank Design, Designer News Ltd

Rachel is a dedicated worker who pays great attention to detail. She is a talented, time-efficient designer, and a wonderful collegue to get to know.

July 16, 2010, Daniella worked with Rachael at News Ltd

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