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ABOUT rachael

Functional & aesthetic design are my passion...

... and I don't often design with pink

  • I design & build websites, often with an SEO & Performance Marketing focus

  • This website is my contracting portfolio which shows product design work, and I have never found the time to write up my past projects properly due to being in full-time contracts and running my own startup simultaneously from 2012 - 2020, and now working as a UX tutor and freelancer

  • I'm a location independent Product Designer, UX & UI Designer & Webflow Developer, plus I'm a UX Tutor and give private lessons in Design subjects

  • I'm open to UX contracts in Europe, ideally remote, but can travel to site a few days per month when expenses are paid

  • I'm a UK and AU passport holder, with the right to live and work in Germany

  • I was the founder and 100% owner of, a global
    e-commerce platform or marketplace to help artists to sell their artwork.  (Closed April 2020 after 8 years in business)


  • I'm a native english speaker, and speak & write basic German which is enough with a translation app to do SEO in German

  • For kind comments about me from others, read my testimonials

  • You can request a CV or add me on Linkedin or Twitter

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