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Convincing art lovers to buy an artwork is easier if it's possible to see the artwork on their own wall at home: This design idea makes use of augmented reality tech to convert potential buyers into confirmed buyers.


As the founder of, I am always looking to provide leading edge services to my artists who want to make sales, and to art buyers who want to create beautiful home environments.

Most experiences like this on the market now rely on the user downloading an app.  I want the 'View in your room' button to show up on mobile devices only, and let the user:

1.Click the 'View in your room' button

2. Accept use of the camera

3. Point their mobile device at the wall to view the current artwork, and be able to swipe through the current search selection on the website, such as Colour: Red and Style: Realist.

4. Be able to Buy, Enquire, Follow the artist, add to their virtual collection, comment or share the artwork (in-keeping with Artfuly's strategy)


composition 3.jpg

Note: The bathroom view you can see here is intended to be the view from the ipad camera i.e. a real room that the user is inside

composition 3-2.jpg


Once the user is inside the room view, they can swipe left to see more artworks within their current selection, which here is 'Original art under €3000'

This is the power of this design - allowing users to search an art database for any colour(s), widths, heights, prices and any other keywords simultaneously to 'curate' a personal selection of art which they can then view on their own wall at home, true to size.

[The swiping has not been added to this prototype yet, only the 'View in your room' experience]

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